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The Two Secrets to Going Viral on Instagram

Last Monday my friends Troy, Justin, Nik, and Thomas hosted a social media event in LA where growth hackers, influencers, and those involved in the social media space get together to network and talk about social media. There were several influencers with millions of followers on different platforms like Youtube, Instagram, and other platforms. I was able to meet influencers like Julius Dein, Farokh, and other amazing influencers who I heard of and even worked with but never met in person. There was talk about what does it take to go viral on social media. From my personal experience in having grown hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, I know that there are two secrets to going viral on Instagram. I will share these two secrets with you and in return I ask that you like, comment, and share this post to help anyone else who might benefit from this article. And feel free to message me or leave a comment below on any other questions you might have.

Secret 1: How to Find the Right Engagement Groups

One key part of growing your Instagram page is to get into the right engagement groups. Engagement groups are a collective group of Instagram pages that like and comment on each other’s posts. Just like how you’d see your connections on LinkedIn liking and commenting on other people’s articles and posts, you also see the posts your Instagram connections are liking and following. If you get enough pages, preferably big pages like 100k plus pages, to engage on your post at once, you will be able to create a momentum of likes and engagement that will help your post get onto the explore page which will get your post to go viral. Certain types of content go viral and you need to develop an eye for viral content to know which posts to use for these types of engagement. Once you get the viral content part down for your niche, you can direct message pages around your size asking if they want to like and comment together. You can also pay bigger pages to get into their engagement groups. Some will let you in for as little as $1 or $10. This is a small investment if you can get into the good engagement groups that will help boost your posts to hundreds of thousands of people. You will need to do a lot of individual reaching out to find these groups and spend quite a bit of time learning how to do this. A lot of accounts typically ask to like and comment on their recent post via Instagram direct message but this takes thirty minutes to an hour to properly do per post. However this is the only method that I know that will help you get your posts to get as many as 10k likes as they have on a page as small as @ray.ahn or millions of views as I’ve gotten on @techvoyager. You also want to be in engagement groups where the people are active since a lot of pages may be inactive and not participate daily in the groups. It’s crucial to be consistent and constantly active on Instagram in order for you to grow and that’s why there are so few big pages since it requires a lot of time and work. Not only that but you also need to have the right connections to the right pages in order for you to grow.

Secret 2: How to Find Viral Content

Getting into engagement groups is only half of the key to success on Instagram. The other half is to find viral content. To find viral content, you can search Instagram for keywords and pages related to your niche. Then once you find those posts and pages, you sift through them to find which posts got a lot of engagement compared to the rest of the posts. The ones that got a significant amount of likes and views compared to the average post are the ones that you want to use for your own page. I use an app like InstaDownloader for Android to download these posts and for the iPhone you can just type in Instagram Repost to find apps that allow you to do the same. I recommend paying to get rid of the watermark because it makes your posts look cleaner. And of course, you want to make sure you properly credit whoever the post belongs to. I would also follow the original source of the viral content so that I can source more viral content from the original source in the future. Sourcing content from the original source will also help the quality of your post be more clear since the clearer and cleaner your Instagram post is, the better your engagement will be. You also want to be able to find original sources of content outside of Instagram. Once you develop an eye for viral content, go on other websites like Pinterest, Tumblr, or Google to find posts that you think will go viral. So much content is being reposted on Instagram so if you post an original piece of content and it goes viral, you will be able to get the bulk of the followers since you were the first to find that piece of content.

Concluding Thoughts

Going viral is not an easy task nor is it achievable for just anybody. You need to have put thetime and effort to get to learn the Instagram game and learn for yourself what to do. I gave you some pointers on what to do such as finding the right engagement groups and finding viral content. If you need help with Instagram management and growth, feel free to reach out to me. However the best way to learn is to implement what I told you and to follow the examples of the pages that I run like @ray.ahn and @techvoyager. Observe what others in your niche are doing to grow and copy that. I hope this article helped and feel free to follow me on LinkedIn, Facebook, and subscribe to my podcast SocialRay to get more information and gold nuggets about social media and entrepreneurship. Thanks for reading and comment below if this article helped you and if you have any other questions or topics you’d like for me to write about.

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