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Growth Hacking my Personal Instagram to Over 28k in 3 Months

If you’re not a celebrity or someone who can spend thousands of dollars into shoutouts, it’s really hard to grow your personal Instagram page. People like Cristiano Ronaldo or Kylie Jenner have no problem growing their personal Instagram page because they’re well known and already have a huge fan base. And for others like Gary Vaynerchuk and Tai Lopez, they’re able to spend thousands of dollars into growing their Instagram with shoutouts from other pages and hiring social media experts to grow their following.

People like Gary Vaynerchuk and Tai Lopez are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars into social media because they see the potential and future of marketing and reaching the next generation. Social media will be the primary way future generations will receive information and marketers are realizing the power of social media over traditional forms of media like TV, radio, and other forms that are dying away. Since I am not a celebrity or someone who can spend thousands of dollars into growing my Instagram, I’m utilizing my viral growth strategies into growing my personal Instagram page. I've been in the Instagram space for around 2 years now since I left the healthcare field to pursue entrepreneurship and online business. Some of the pages that I run are @techvoyager, @bucketlistvoyager, @luxurytravelvoyager, and some other pages that I help run with friends like @luxuryworldtraveler and

I saw the potential social media had in making money and saw that it was the next wave of marketing that will eventually take over nearly all forms of media and advertising. I realized this first when I saw Instagram pages with large followings selling shoutouts for $20 to over $100. Then began my journey of growing several of my own Instagram pages, networking, and learning from personal experience how to grow and use social media for business. Initially, nobody saw the use of social media for business but within the past few years there have been people like Randall Pich (@live_fit_apparel --> interview here), Ruben Chavez (@thinkgrowprosper --> interview here), Tim Karsliyev (@dailydose --> interview here), and others who have used social media as away to get business and develop businesses utilizing social media. I'm going to show you in this article how I've been growing my personal Instagram pages and how I've been helping others grow theirs using the viral growth tactics I've learned from being in the game myself.

My Personal Page @ray.ahn

In three months, I was able to grow my page @ray.ahn to over 28k followers on Instagram. This is the page that I'm going to convert into my personal page and you'll notice that I’m not posting pictures of myself but inspirational and thought-provoking content because that is the type of followers that I want so I can eventually lead them to subscribe to my podcast. Also the type of content that I post are visually engaging. I also have a call to action on almost every one of my posts asking my audience to engage with the post because the more your followers engage with your post, the more that Instagram will rank your post as a popular post. Simple phrases like "Follow @username" make a big difference in getting followers once your post goes viral. Using these tactics, I was able to make several of my posts hit over 10k likes and my most viral post got over 70k likes. If you want to learn more about the strategies I use for viral growth, you can read about it in my article here. Through these viral posts I get thousands of followers and am able to become an influencer even without being a celebrity or spending thousands of dollars. Switching to eventually a personal page works by doing more stories and putting my face out there more. I will also start posting pictures of myself and get my audience that I built to get to know me. I also in the future will start creating my own content and watermark them so my page has more of a personal feel to it. The growth hacking part was used aggressively to build up an initial following and now that I have my following, I can start posting more personal pictures and my own personally created content to brand my page as my own. I also have a link to my podcast in the bio so that my followers can check it out and get to know me a bit more. The viral content that I post are basically bait to attract followers and I will pepper in posts of myself so my audience can get to know me. I know there are those who do not want to use viral posts that are not their own content, but you can always delete these viral posts after you use them to get followers. Viral growth tactics are just a strategy and though you might see it as being not authentic or reflective of your brand, even the big influencers like Tai Lopez, Lewis Howes, and others use viral posts to grow their following. And remember you can always delete the posts that go viral after you gain the following.

Case Study: @nicholasbayerle

I took on a friend's page @nicholasbayerle (interview here) to grow for him and he is a fitness/lifestyle entrepreneur helping other entrepreneurs live according to their health and fitness goals. I've been posting entrepreneur and fitness style posts for him on his Instagram and one post got over 70k likes. This post alone gained him over 1000 followers in a day. Not every post goes viral (read more here) but when a post does go viral, it is able to get a lot of engagement and followers. Notice how I used the phrase "Follow @nicholasbayerle" in the captions because that helps in converting those who see the page into followers of your page. Within a couple weeks I was able to more than double his following from 1700 to over 3600 followers. And in the end, Nick is the one who can choose which posts he wants to stay on his page or delete the ones he doesn't want to be on his page permanently. Either way, he will still keep the followers who chose to follow his page from the viral postings. This is the smart way to grow your Instagram instead of spending thousands of dollars into shoutouts that don't covert well. Also you need to have good content on your page in order to attract followers.

Concluding Thoughts

In the end, you need to find your own unique value that you can give to the world and be able to present that in a way that will attract followers to your page. People won’t want to follow you if all you post are pictures of yourself, your food, and your dog. Find a way to provide value in your niche, develop good content, and network with the proper people within your niche to grow your Instagram page properly. I hope this article helped and feel free to follow me on LinkedIn, Facebook, and subscribe to my podcast SocialRay to hear the stories of social media influencers and entrepreneurs and tactics they've built successful businesses with or without social media.

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