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Generating $18k+ From Instagram in 3 Months

Viral Growth Marketing

In this article, I'm going to be sharing with you how I was able to help generate $18k plus in ticket sales for the largest scare convention in LA (@scarelosangeles) using viral Instagram tactics and call to actions within 3 months. I was posting viral content and using engagement groups which I discuss in my article here. A lot of people do not realize the power of Instagram and the massive organic reach that you can get through it. From one post alone I was able to get over 50,000 likes, 2 million impressions, and 500 comments. This is the power of organic reach on Instagram and I was able to generate over 380 ticket sales through Instagram. All the ticket sales from Instagram were tracked using the promo code “MONSTERGRAM.” I also utilized geolocation tags so that my posts would show up at the top of those geotags and get the attention of those who live near LA, Culver City, and other areas where the event would be held. You can also utilize geotags and hashtags on Instagram stories to target your desired demographics. Within several months I was able to grow the @scarelosangeles page from under 20k followers to over 40k and now they have an organic traffic source that they will always have access to for future events. The beauty of growing an Instagram page is that once you get followers, they will stay as your followers and will stay as a constant source of traffic that you can direct to wherever you want. I would recommend that you take your followers from your Instagram page onto your email list by offering something for free in return for signing up for your email list.

Working with Influencers

Aside from viral growth tactics, I also reached out to affiliates and had them use our own custom promo code so we would be able to track ticket sales coming in from them. I would pay the affiliates a percentage of the sales they generated so that way there would not be any upfront costs in advertising with affiliate partnerships. I also gave them free event passes to the Scare LA event. Working with infulencers requires a lot of networking and providing the right kind of value and benefits to your affiliate partners. Reaching out to influencers and developing relationships with them are key to succeeding in the social media marketing space. You also want to work with influencers who are relevant to your space and have the desired target audience that you want. For the Scare LA convention, I wanted an audience that was mainly LA based so I reached out to influencers based in LA asking for screenshots of their analytics showing me which main cities their audience was located in. Instagram business profiles provide analytics that show demographics such as the percentage of male and female among your followers, the main cities and countries your audience is located in, and their age demographics. Don't just go looking for any influencers to promote what you're trying to sell if they don't have the proper demographics that would want what you're providing. Also when working with influencers remember that you can have them do a story shout with a link, and it's important for you to ask them to have a bio link for the duration of the shoutout because without a bio link there won't be as many conversions. Ask the influencers you work with to do a post of your call to action to checkout the bio link or for a story shout with a swipe-up link of your event or product. You want to make things as easy as possible so that the Instagram audience is able to purchase quickly from the Instagram platform. In the future, you will be able to directly tag products or whatever other links you want in your posts but for now, the best way to get the Instagram audience onto another platform is to use the bio link in the bio of the influencer you are working with or the story link to easily swipe up.

Concluding Thoughts

What really helped gaining the sales and growth of the @scarelosangeles page was reposting viral content that were related to the scare and horror niche. In the future, it will be better to create original content that can go viral so that the more the original content goes viral, the more exposure that @scarelosangeles will get especially if the content is watermarked. Some posts that I did for @scarelosangeles reached as high as 50k likes and several million impressions and those posts gained a couple thousand followers on their own. The trick to Instagram marketing and getting conversions is to use the right type of posts to bait the desired audience and to collaborate with targeted influencers within the desired niche to help promote and sell your product or services. You’re missing out on a great opportunity of traffic, leads, and sales if you aren’t utilizing Instagram’s platform. I showed above that with just one post alone I was able to get two million plus impressions and reach all organically from using viral growth tactics. I also showed you how influencers can be utilized for your business so you can get the maximum benefits from influencer marketing. I hope this article helped and feel free to follow me on LinkedIn, Facebook, and subscribe to my podcast SocialRay to get some gold nuggets about social media and entrepreneurship. Thanks for reading and comment below if this article helped you and if you have any other questions or topics you’d like for me to write about.

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